Affordable HMS Hospital Software

Medassist HMS Hospital Software is planned to manage multiple features of your hospital system like Inventory, Patient In-Out, Ailing Appointment Scheduling, Doctor Scheduling, and expense management.  You can handle entire hospital performance in real-time from a distance.  It enabled Electronic Medical Records & Electronic Health Records for various patients with different illnesses. HMS Hospital Software helps you to maintain and keep data safe for future use. Healthcare maintenance system software can be used by both small and large healthcare practices. However, it is important to note that this type of software is not always necessary for all types of healthcare practices.


₹ 30000

Suitable for hospital up to 25 beds


₹ 45000

Suitable for hospital up to 40 beds


₹ 65000

Suitable for hospital having more than 40 beds

MedAssist HIS - Hospital Software

HMS Hospital Software is specially designed to salvage data from the patient’s side and start the diagnosis process entirely. Any type of Hospital, clinic, or healthcare center can keep data on the web through this software solution.
Some list of HMS Hospital Software Modules:


ADT (Admission, Discharge, & Transfer)
In this module, you can manage the patient’s in & out, birth summary, case summary, death summary, and bed summary. Hospital management software facilitates OPD (outpatient department) efficiently online and offline. Hospital Staffs are capable to manage the patient’s and doctors’ records. This module is an entirely patient-centric component that can handle the following –

  • Room/Bed/Ward Management
  • OPD
  • Item Charges
  • Discount
  • Package Management
  • Doctor Administration
  • Billing
  • Facility of Smooth-running reception


Diagnostic Management
This Module of Medassist HMS Hospital Software can manage the entire patient’s treatment services like inspection, medicaments, surgeries, testing, analysis, sample collection, imaging, and others.
This module can hold:

  • Billing and Invoice
  • Lab Report
  • Sample Collection
  • Testing
  • Imaging
  • Report Validation
  • Authorization
  • Payment to various staff
  • Duty Allocation of Nurses
MedAssist HMS Hospital Software
Module 3:

This module of MedAssist HMS holds purchase, inventory, and stock management. Non-medical staff can handle the bill details, bill summary of patients, offers discounts, and multi-mode receipt and return.


In this module, you can access or control medicines purchase indent, purchase quotation, expiry management, stock transfer, stock return, and billing and invoice management.


Purchase work orders, vendor management, purchase return, invoice entry


multi-store management, batch management, good receive, stock movement, stock transfer, expiry management, stock return, stock reconciliation, and FIFO (First In First Out).


Management of admitted /discharged patient list, doctor OPD schedule, nursing assessment, multiple mobile numbers, and e-mails, bed looking for maintenance.

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