Clinic Management Software

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MedAssist Clinic Management Software provides you to control all the healthcare activities of your Hospital or nursing center such as administration, doctor scheduling, the process of clinical and finance, and pharmacy at one platform. It helps to optimize and enhance the quality and effectiveness of your hospital’s mandatory or general work.

Why Choose MedAssist

Highly Flexible and Cost-Effective Clinic Management Software System

Cloud Based HIS

MedAssist HIS is flexible and scalable based on your hospital size with out-of-the-box features to start your operations immediately.

User Experience

With seamless integration across disparate sources, this HIS ensures your data is always available and easily consumed.

Speed is the New Scale

MedAssist HIS built with scalability and flexibility in mind, it only needs a few days of implementation effort.

OPD Management

Patient Management Software offers the best and easy way to manage out patient department by providing easy schedules on time.

Radiology Management

You can handle the major module of the hospital radiology department and maintain its medical tools on time

Easy Online Payment

MedAssist HIS provides the best online payment features to patients for easy payment . You can pay online, via card, and UPI.

Clinic Management Software

Top 9 Features Of Clinic Management Software

Medassist provides a complete solution for Hospital Management Software System that can interconnect with the different aspects of medicament, hospital administration, and ailing care and management, medical team scheduling features and pathology modules management and many more.

Here is Some Feature of Clinic Management Software that will help you to control the hospital system.

  • OPD Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient In-Out Management
  •  Doctor Availability
  • Nursing Duties
  • Imaging and Diagnosis
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • ICU Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Expense Management
Hi-Tech Features

Best Store Management Facility: Clinic Management System

Store Management and Invoice Management is the most important feature of Clinic Management Software to manage the record of all the significant and advanced equipment and electronic tools of the hospital store. To gather more information click on About Us and find clinical features.

Hospital Management Sysytem

Patient Insurance Service: Clinic Management Software

Medassist Clinic Management Software or HIS is designed in such a way that it will reduce the workload of the nursing and other staff.  Physical pharmacy can be managed through this software in an easy way. You can manage patient records, medicine availability, patient diagnosis, physiotherapy, stock management, patient insurance service, and much more system in a few steps.

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